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Alcyoneus King of Giants

Updated: May 29, 2023

There once was a man who was too big for this world; yet he was so small I could fit him in my pocket and carry him everywhere I went. We travel the world this way, him and I, and he would tell me the grandest stories of somber and enlightenment, dystopian and inspiring still. He was the most marveling man the sun had set its rays upon; at least to me.. to my eyes… he was.

There once was a man who traveled the whole wide world in one single day, up all the hills both ways, no shoes, and very little water; he told this story in so many different ways that when someone overheard, they often rolled their eyes at it - but not me. I knew this man's antics. I knew in actuality it took more than a day to travel the world, but he was ashamed of his demons; and I knew he recalled all the grueling details, and depending on his audience was depending on the details he gave. He was particular like this, always so particular.

There once was a man who traveled the whole galaxy, and fought a war. An active war, and a war within himself. He had most fooled as to who he was, but not me. At least, not anymore. He has an overcoat full of pockets with secrets in them, compartmentalizing all of his personalities pulling them out when he deemed fit. But the day he let me file them, organize them, starting in May 2009, was one of the most honorable days of my life. I learned then as I always assumed - he was too big for this world. Yet, it became apparent to me he was just small enough, compartmentalized enough, that I started carrying him everywhere I went. He became an immeasurable piece of my story.

This is my Uncle Bill’s story. His journey through life, hate, unhappiness, war, love, and ultimately peace. His journey of stories and secrets I solemnly swore to keep until the very day he passed. We created a world together, a world he didn’t love, but a world we worked through as a team. A world we talked through, and something he finally became so undoubtedly proud of. Something I was undoubtedly proud of him for.

There is no man as boundless as my Uncle Bill, no man as monumental; this is something I am sure of.

This is the story of a man who was too big for this world, and someone I will forever be proud to have shared space and time with. For you, Sergeant William Holt, Uncle Bill, a Father, a Husband, a Papa, a loving friend, an enemy at times, a soldier forever… this is for you; and in the end, like you said, it’s for us all.

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