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#1. Pleased to Meet You

Updated: May 29, 2023

In a normal fashion, the relationship between reader and narrator or reader and author typically stay undetected. However, for this my Uncle and I have decided it’s best to do with introductions, and explanations as this won’t be a typical read.

My name is Alicia, and I am the niece to our protagonist. But, to me, he is more than just an Uncle. He is someone I have looked up to my whole life, an inspiration, a friend. A confidant to things many people don't know about me, if I'm being honest with you. But he knows them. A best friend. And it has taken us the better part of eleven years to write down all he wants to say of his journey. Each and every part of this you will read has come directly from him as he wished, his heart, his mind allowing me to write it all down and share with you all, which is no small task to a man who started out as a knotted ball of yarn. My Uncle was a major reason why I decided to go to school for psychology. We ended up unknotting him though, with work and honesty, we got him believing in himself again, that he is nothing but a mortal man as most men, and he shouldn't allow the baggage he lay on his shoulders to keep him up at night; long red string he’d say. “I’ve been a ball of red string my whole life. constantly rolling, and knotting in every direction. Now that I can see an end in sight, it feels… free to be clear of it all. To see without the string. You know?”

Throughout this read you will find it to be a biography, yes, but also a talking interview and conversation. A recollection of pieces and parts of Bill’s identity. On some occasions, I will shift to his point of view, and these are some of my very favorite parts


And as introductions go, for Bill, well, not a man so easily described and defined quickly, but we’ll give it a go. He didn’t start as an uncle of course, no. Nor as a soldier. He started off as a young boy running through the streets of South Providence making sure to keep things as troublesome, and as fun as possible. “I was the only white male in my friend group, I think this was good back then seeing as how much racism there was, and there still is. I didn’t really see it as us being different. I still don’t. But… all my friends were colored. I often forgot this fact until someone gave us

trouble about it, but all my friends had to do was warn them about me if they were in any trouble… about Wild Bill! You don’t want to mess with him. Mess with me you get Bill! And they’d leave us alone.”

He’d tell stories of his youth, the situations he’d get himself in and people usually respond with Bill, I have no idea how you survived, or how you’re still alive.

“Oh, I’ve cheated death, don’t you worry.” he’d reply confidently.

And that’s the thing… he surely had cheated death, on tens of occasions.

However, a man such as Bill Holt, isn’t just picked up by death one day. Death doesn’t just enter the room with all his blackened cloaked glory and tell him, Bill, it’s your time to go.

No. Not the Bill we knew. Death shows up time and time again, and he would turn to him and share, “Hey buddy, you must wonder how I got myself in this one, huh?” And he’d go on, and on, sharing with Death the details of how and why he was in this pickle. Eventually, Death would nod, and nod, and nod, in this never ending story, which would end in a shake of the hand so he could FINALLY JUST leave Bill's grasp. And thats how Bill would talk his way out of death; “it’s because I wasn’t afraid of death, or dying. None of it. I'd just convince myself out of it.”

I believe this to be true. He was an invincible man, Bill. He was afraid of practically nothing, not even Death… the only thing he was afraid of was himself.

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