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Welcome to The Demon and the Ghostrider

Thank you for being here. This is where I will share intimate pages of the unpredictable ebbs and flows of a man, my Uncle, who was once a Ghostrider in the Vietnam war. He and I have been compiling these passages, conversations, dialog and memories to share for the world eyes as he wanted to set his record straight- he may have had to sell his soul to the demon at the crossroads; he may have fought a great battle. But he eventually reclaimed what he lost, and he won his war.  This is a tale of a victory; a tale of peace, and the tears that fell, were ones of joy. 

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Fun Facts About Bill Holt

- He was born March 6th (a Pisces) 

- He married Sue, and they've been married for 46 years. 

- His 2 children, and 2 grandchildren he loved beyond measure.    

- He was an avid hunter, and loved to fish. A man you'd fear with a bow, but be equally inspired by. 

- Ironically enough, he was an immense animal lover, and had many pets in his lifetime. 

- He was creative, could tinker anything from anything. I mean, anything. And you'd love it.   

- His cooking. Man, his cooking. His passion for food. The way he'd cook something SO DELICIOUS... and never cook it again. (Why?!)  

- His favorite time of year was Fall. Specifically, Halloween. 

- Could Bill tell a story or what. Nobody, and I mean

- Nobody could catch your ear or your attention like he could. 

- His love for adventure, outdoors, new sights.

- He served his country for over 36,000 days, serving with the 189th Assault Helicopter Company, "The Ghostriders".

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Nice to Meet You

Hello! My name is Alicia, and I am our protagonists niece. Working on this project has been one of my greatest passions since 2009, and I hope you find a bit of hope and joy in it just as he and I did.

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The Mission.

My Uncle had a specific set of goals and wants; feelings, thoughts, and wishes when it came to himself, Vietnam, and his words to tell. Throughout these years, he and I came up with an exact plan of how he wanted it to play out, how he wanted it to be told, how he felt about it all. Down to the drawing you see on this website opening, to this websites words we'll turn into paper print, we will share with you all the in's and out's of his master plan. 

Uncle Bill, the Mission is under way. 

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